Updating Default Parameters in SSRS RDL Not Working

Problem Statement

I’ve updated some default parameters of an RDL file and deployed it to SSRS (SQL Server 2008 R2).  I’ve tested the report and everything works fine in Visual Studio using the preview, yet the default parameters won’t update on the server when I deploy the report.


To fix this issue, simply delete the RDL file from SSRS and redeploy the report.  Presto, the new defaults are now reflected.


It turns out the default parameters are actually managed in the server once the report is deployed.  You can actually changed them through the report manager.  SSRS ignores and changes to subsequent deployments of the RDL so you have to delete the file from the server.


Thanks to Kyle for his post here helping me figure this out.


I hope this helps someone else!

Happy coding,

Tom Hundley
Elegant Software Solutions

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